When A Bedtime Wank Has The Desired Effect Well Before The Big O Occurs

  • 4 min

Description: i always used to have a wank when i got into bed for the night but had to stop for a couple reasons; one being that i needed a hip replacement and moving my leg into the required position was much too painful. i became part robot five years ago, but then another problem occurred… i couldn't stop squirting! with my last boyfriend around 2015/16, it was only ever at the point of orgasm when i squirted. but the longer i was single and celibate, the bigger the folks were i perved on online and the more i squirted. soon, it was a case of whenever anything felt really good or looked really good that some came dribbling out. and, well, basically, i couldn't be arsed with the hassle of sorting out soggy towels and going to clean up! plus, bedtime wanks went from 30 minutes to three hours and the chances are i could have dropped off in that time anyway! so yeah, bedtime wanks haven't really been a thing in my life for quite some time! on the rare occasion they do, this often happens…, hairy, mature, milf, pov, british, hd videos, reality, vibrator, girl masturbating, pussy, real, amateur milf, pussies, european, hairy mature, hairy milf, real amateur, hottest, masturbating, british milf, amateur pov, amateur homemade, home made, new mature, real homemade, real homemade amateur, homemade, mom, hairy pussy, clit, night, hot sexy, mature mom, wank, milf pov, british amateur, british mature, girls masturbating, hairy amateurs, homemade masturbator, hairy mature pussies, pussy masturbator

Starring: MistressWriggler

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